The Board Bin opened its' doors in a garage in 1988, but snowboarding had been jiggling around Jim Slanetz' head since riding a Snurfer down neighborhood hills as a kid in the early 70’s and trying out a friends Burton Backhill on the campus of the University of Colorado in 1983. 

That following year his high school friend Perry convinced Jim an early Christmas present was in order and they went to the fledgling Burton Factory near Stratton Mountain to pick up the latest and greatest Burton had to offer. In 1985 under Perry’s tutelage they opened 'Board with Life' considered the first specialty snow/skate shop in the world in Burlington, VT, only to sell it and spend their earnings on a snowboard trip to Europe . 

Following a winter of teaching boarding at Bolton Valley VT, Jim met Karin in Boston that following summer and they headed out west in the fall. Their car died in Yellowstone and shortly after the two showed up in Sun Valley broke and homeless. Unable to find affordable housing the only logical thing to do was to open a snow/skateboard shop, and after sleeping in the car a few nights in sub zero temps Karin warmed up to the idea of opening a shop in a garage without running water. .

Working part-time jobs such as dishwashing ,cleaning houses, driving taxis and polishing art glass Karin and Jim were able grow the Board Bin from its humble beginnings in a garage into a thriving store.

Of course, this could not have been done without their amazing staff.  

Lydia, Dave and Kirsten have all been part of the Board Bin Family since before the turn of the century. Dave with a practical and encyclopedic knowledge of all snow and skate is great at picking out just the right gear for each customer, not to mention he can fix about any boot, binding or skateboard. Lydia and Kirsten can do everything from setting up a customer on a split board to helping pick out a prom dress in Girl Street. Karin has always been the brains and organizer for the shop, and with her vision and great eye for trendsetting fashion, she created Girl Street - a “store within a store.” With over half their staff being women, the Board Bin is dedicated to the riding and style preferences of all their female customers.